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Update on Social Media Community Film April 30, 2008

Filed under: Social Media — pdxbob @ 4:30 am

I had a great meeting with my community media facilitator, Tim Rooney, tonight. I explained my film idea, we looked at Twitter and a little at some social media sites. My original plan was to create a film of 30-45 minutes, integrating interview clips, screencasts, B-roll film of in-person events. Being the master he is at examining a project and identifying what makes a great film, Tim proposed that I break the project into a number of chapters, each chapter being short, ten-minute absolute max length, and each chapter would focus on a particular form of social media or event. The thread through each of the chapters will be interview commentary, some video+audio, some just voice-over. To begin with I am going to tape two separate interview subjects, one technical, one non-technical. These sessions will provide a lot of the commentary that I will use throughout the chapters. If necessary, I’ll add additional interviews.

Here are some possible chapters that will illustrate the idea:

  • The Un-conference: BarCamp Portland is an example of an un-conference that comes together through the energies of local people who live and breath using social media apps like Twitter, blogging,
  • Two people who have met online and how they have used social media to enhance their relationship as well as their communities.
  • Technically-savvy person (or people) talking about using social media to its fullest extent.
  • Non-technical person discussing how they have learned social media tools from friends and how they put them to good use for a community of people (or built a community using them).

So, the idea of using chapters will allow me to finish a project in a short period of time, get more practice at making community films and will result in each new chapter being better than the last. Given that this would be my first project outside of the friendly confines of an organized class, I really like this progression! Thank you Tim for the great suggestions! You are a Jedi film-maker and storyteller!

My next steps are to identify the first couple of chapters and to start arranging the interviews. More to come soon! I will also start tagging the posts pertaining to this film series as “SocialMediaFilm”.