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Open Web Foundation announced at OSCON July 24, 2008

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Technologies such as OpenID and OAuth were created as open specifications to provide a single digital identity and to allow you to provide secure access to your data for services which you use on the web. In an effort to “create a home for community-driven specifications,” the Open Web Foundation was announced today by David Recordon at O’Reilly’s OSCON in Portland. Why another non-profit organization for technical specifications, you ask? Scott Kveton, one of the founders of the new foundation says:

“To answer several of the pain points around getting an open specification to be able to be used in the marketplace and keep community members writing code and specs and not legal documentation, several of us came together to create the Open Web Foundation.”

A huge thanks goes to the people who have worked over the past months to pull this effort together. Some of the other announcements can be found on their blogs:

Dawn Foster

Scott Kveton

David Recordon

Brady Forrest

Also check out the slides that David presented this morning at OSCON. As I get ready to embark on the next part of my software development journey at Vidoop, I’m proud to become part of an organization that so strongly supports these efforts and which does so by employing some of the significant players in the open web, people like Scott Kveton, Chris Messina, Will Norris and Michael Richardson.


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