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Great Resources for Non-Profits June 26, 2008

Filed under: non-profit,philanthropy,technology — pdxbob @ 4:54 am

Last night I attended the monthly Portland Net Tuesdays meetup, which meets at the AboutUs headquarters in SE Portland. This meetup brings together people interested in the use of technology in non-profits. I’ve been going since February, when the second Pdx Net Tuesdays meeting was held. The topics last night were Connec+pedia and Squarepeg. Bram Pitoyo has written a comprehensive review of the two presentations here. These are great resources for non-profits.


5 Responses to “Great Resources for Non-Profits”

  1. […] But don’t take my word for it. Bob Uva can attest to this fact since he had been attending the event since […]

  2. Thanks so much for sharing your enthusiasm about the event, Bob. Your experiences and interests are such great contributions to the group!

  3. pdxbob Says:

    Thanks Amy! It’s been an enjoyable way to get to know other techs interested in non-profits. At some point I’m going to commit myself to presenting on digital storytelling. Maybe in the fall.

  4. sandrar Says:

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