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Technology for a better world. launches Virtual Warehouse April 25, 2008

Filed under: Community,non-profit — pdxbob @ 3:45 am

Two friends, Kiyoshi Terada and Mikal Anderson, are part of a team that put together Virtual Warehouse on This site provides a place for donors to donate items to non-profits and for non-profits to indicate the types of items they need. Created by Sisters of the Community (SOC), a 501(c) (3) organization, helps to streamline the delivery of needed goods to non-profits.

The Oregonian had a blurb about the launch in its Business section today. If you’ve got items you want to donate, computer equipment, furniture, whatever, and you want it to go to a specific type of organization or a specific non-profit, this is the place to do it. Or, if you have a non-profit that needs stuff, sign up online to connect to donors. is run as an Oregon non-profit out of Lake Oswego.


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