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Open for Comments: Social Media Community Film Script April 24, 2008

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I was going to share my developing script for a community film entitled Using Social Media to Enhance Community with a few people who I thought would provide excellent feedback. Then tonight as I was working on it I realized, why not share it with everyone?! My intent in making this film is to share the love of social media with Portland denizens who might not already be using it.  Getting input from everyone online is a great way for me to clarify the film’s message, make the script flow and learn more as we cooperate on this project!

So with that introduction, I present my first and rough draft of a script for the film. Background: the film will be aired on local cable tv through Portland Community Media at some as yet undetermined time (guaranteed to be sometime after the film is completed ;).

I’ve already spoken with two social media enthusiasts in the Portland area who have agreed to help by being interviewed: Dawn Foster and Amy Sample Ward. Thank you both for your help! I’m still looking for others to interview, in particular a non-technical person or group that is using some form of social media. And of course if there are others who think they would like to be on tv, please let me know. I’m  going to recognize anyone who helps in any way with thanks in the film credits. Wouldn’t you like to see your name scroll by just like Cate Blanchett or Matt Damon?

And don’t forget to read the script and tell me what you like, don’t like, what to change, great new ideas…

Script (sorry for the formatting – copy/paste with some editing pain):

  • Video of person typing a tweet (entry in Twitter) into a cell phone, a person sitting at a computer reading from blog entries in their aggregator, screen of a person’s main page on, and one from Facebook.
  • Video fades away and film title appears: Using Social Media to Enhance Community
  • How do you define community? [Time: 2 minutes max]
    • mix of still images and video showing traditional images of community:
      • Neighborhood streets
      • Teenagers hanging around and interacting
      • Community center activity, maybe bball game with spectators
      • College campus
    • Intersperse text graphics showing definitions of community.
      • possibly read this description from beginning of “community” entry in wikipedia:

German sociologist Ferdinand Tönnies presented a concise differentiation between the terms Gemeinschaft (usually translated as “community”) and Gesellschaft (“society” or “association”). In his 1887 work, Gemeinschaft und Gesellschaft, Tönnies argued that Gemeinschaft is perceived to be a tighter and more cohesive social entity, due to the presence of a “unity of will.”[2] He added that family and kinship were the perfect expressions of Gemeinschaft, but that other shared characteristics, such as place or belief, could also result in Gemeinschaft. Gesellschaft, on the other hand, is a group in which the individuals who make up that group are motivated to take part in the group purely by self-interest. He also proposed that in the real world, no group was either pure Gemeinschaft or pure Gesellschaft; all were mixtures between the two.

Pasted from <>

  • a social group of any size whose members reside in a specific locality, share government, and often have a common cultural and historical heritage.

Pasted from <>

  • Merriam-webster online:

a unified body of individuals:

Pasted from <>

  • Video of interviewees’ own, personal, definitions of community
  • “What is Social Media?” [Time: 2 – 3 minutes max]
  • Distinguishing Social Media from Traditional Media
    • Video of interviews where the distinction is explained.
    • Show images of traditional and social media where appropriate
      • Traditional: Newspapers, listening to a radio, TV newscast (image of newscasters at desk)
      • Social: Twitter, Facebook, Blog comments, Good Reads site
  • Where did Social Media come from? [Time: 1 minute]
  • Who uses Social Media /Are people excluded? [Time: 2-3 minutes]
    • Lead in with person’s blog, then go to interview footage with that person (tech-savvy person)
    • Interview footage with non-technical person
  • Scenarios
    • Business usage?
    • Friends hanging out online?
    • Solving community problem?

That’s what I’ve got so far for a script. Here are some of the places where I’d like to get some background video footage and possibly ad hoc interviews:

  • Beer & Blog
  • Portland Net Tuesday
  • Bar Camp Portland
  • Non-technical group meeting

9 Responses to “Open for Comments: Social Media Community Film Script”

  1. Anna Richter Says:

    It looks like you are off to a super start. One suggestion would be to include a highlight of an org that is using online community building to enhance their offline efforts. Along the lines of what Heather was speaking of in giving people using options with PledgeBank to coordinate online/offline work. I think this aspect is invaluable – truly impacting community building has to include human contact (in my view, of course). And maybe this is already in your plan, but I think it is important to recognize that social media can aid existing community and in some cases, create new, but that real human component is important. And, well, that just depends how you are defining community! Many of us have community that only exists in a virtual world and will never include human contact. Look forward to seeing how your plan develops…

  2. pdxbob Says:

    That’s a really good point, Anna. A community gets stronger if it has human contact. I’m going to add PledgeBank as a site to visit as part of the screencasting. Thanks for your comments and keep the ideas coming!

  3. Bren Says:

    Try hitting up Marshall Kirkpatrick. He’s local, on Twitter, and knows a ton about social media.

    If you need a college campus for filming, hit me up. I can probably get you access to George Fox (my employer).

  4. pdxbob Says:

    Thanks Brendon! I follow Marshall on twitter and you’re right, he’s incredibly knowledgable! I’ll also follow up with you through DM later.

  5. Hey Bob – here are the thoughts from the email, just some of my thoughts:

    Definition of community segment:
    I would add scenes of farmers market and office meeting as well – to balance out the “community” definition as both of these things have correlating versions online as well.

    Usually the 501 Tech Club brown bag lunch events are non-technical people for the most part if you wanted to attend one of those for footage.

    I think it would also be helpful to have interviewees or yourself explain some successful case studies as far as the scenarios goes, and mix in footage of the organization or any b-roll from their websites, etc. I can help you with this part as well if you want.

    I think it looks good, Bob! I’m sure it will continue to grow and take shape as you begin working and interviewing as well.

    Thanks for letting me be a part of it!

  6. pdxbob Says:

    great feedback Amy! I will try to get to a 501 brown bag – sounds like a good place to film! thanks for commenting on the ‘scenarios.’ It’s something I haven’t fleshed out yet.

  7. Jacob Mestman Says:

    Hi Bob – wow, what a fun project! I really like the concept – I’m wondering how social media and physical community interact. It seems as though the netsquared group is a great example of a community where people with like interests meet online and then actually meet to talk outside of an online social group setting.

    How does social media enhance local community? I’ll think of other examples that might demonstrate what I’m trying to get at…


  8. Bob Uva Says:

    Thanks Jason! There are so many ways we could go with this film and I think tying together blogs/meetup sites/twitter/etc with in-person meetings is something that will be fun to illustrate in film and it should have impact on people who are waiting to see what good they can get from social media tools. Glad to have you thinking about the project!

  9. […] tonight. I explained my film idea, we looked at Twitter and a little at some social media sites. My original plan was to create a film of 30-45 minutes, integrating interview clips, screencasts, B-roll film of […]

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