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A Plan for 2008 December 31, 2007

I’ve read resolutions, wish lists, and need lists for the coming year. I’d like to put forth a plan for my next year. Thanks to Chris Brogan for the motivation to put together this simple but practical plan.

Create at least two original works for non-profits or specific causes, in the digital media space. After taking a Digital Storytelling class at Portland Community Media, I’m excited about applying my skills to help make the world a better place.

Complete a Field Production class and volunteer on two productions to develop my film-making skills. A side-goal is to enroll in yet another PCM course, just not sure what that will be right now.

Create a podcast series dedicated to technology for a better world. Technology is a broad term and in this case I want it to be since I want to be able to interview people involved in many facets of using technology to make the world better. I don’t want to mention people at this point since I haven’t talked to them, but some of the topics I’d like to cover include

– using mobile technology to improve the lot of people in developing countries
– the social networking sites and their usefulness for non-profits
– digital storytelling

Help the Cambodian-American Community of Oregon: this may come in the form of volunteering on an event and/or working with digital media to promote the organization.

Promote myself as an expert in using digital media and software technology to make the world a better place.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for now. It’s a manageable list and practical, just like it should be. My final, but certainly not the least, thanks go to Kilong Ung, my co-worker, friend and super inspiration for all that I do to help others. This past year Kilong and I cemented our friendship through daily walks during our weekday lunch time. I learned a lot about philanthropy and leadership from Kilong who is himself a born leader. Kilong has just stepped down after several years as President of the Cambodian-American Community of Oregon although I believe he will still be very involved in helping the new leadership. Thanks Ki, and Happy New Year to all!


2 Responses to “A Plan for 2008”

  1. Chris Brogan Says:

    Wow! You’ve got a busy 2008, but it looks like one you can manage. I wish you the very best with it, and keep on making the world a great place!

  2. Bob Uva Says:

    Thanks Chris! I’m already working on my micro-planning for some of the items. It’s great having a plan to work from.

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