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A Homecoming and a Digital Media Holiday December 17, 2007

I’m looking forward to my time off from work after Christmas. The best part will be having my daughter (right) back with us in Portland after a semester in Quebec where she has immersed herself in the French language, both Quebecois and native French. It’s a nice feeling to see your children reaching out into worldly spheres where you yourself have not been (in this case, the language immersion) but there’s no substitute for a hug and a smile and hours of good conversation with them as you see them growing up in front of your eyes. Ken and Laura have given us so much to be proud of in the last few years and we look forward to celebrating the (immediate) family reunion. Laura will be graduating in June from Portland State University while Ken has just achieved second in the district in personal banking sales at Wells Fargo.

The other part of my holiday vacation will be all about digital media. As I’ve said in an earlier post, I completed a digital storytelling class this fall and am actively seeking out projects to practice the craft. I’m putting a proposal together to develop a story about the Hoyt Arboretum in Portland. For the past half year, as a volunteer, I have been scanning thousands of the Arboretum’s photographic slides for digital storage. It’s been an incredibly tedious task but I’m one to two hours from completing the project. The digital story I’d like to tell would ideally be told, in voice-over, by the staff and maybe former staff of the Arboretum.

I’m also hoping to work with some NGOs doing good work in Cambodia, as a way to continue perfecting my craft, as a way to promote their work or cause, and as my continuing education on that developing country’s history and progress.

Another part of my digital media holiday will be devoted to research into setting up a podcasting program dedicated to social causes. I’d like to interview people involved in specific issues such as the Millenium Development Goals (MDGs), Cambodian development, microfinance and sustainable approaches used in developing countries. I’m hoping that I can develop an audience for such a podcast and possibly tie in an online donation process that will allow listeners to contribute to the various causes promoted by interviewees.


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